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Guenter Knop Nude Art

New York | Amsterdam | Berlin | Neubrandenburg
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Taking on the World, One City at a Time

Knop began his career working in the studio of German fashion and advertising photographer Charlotte March in the late 1970s. He later worked as first assistant to Henry Wolf, art director for EsquireHarper’s Bazaar and Show magazines. He worked with Wolf for ten years on high fashion, TV, and print advertising for major clients in the eighties and nineties before opening a studio in Chelsea, Manhattan, United States. His pictures incorporate dramatic lighting and customized sets built from found materials and inspired by BauhausArt Nouveau, and Art Deco designs. A unique feature of Knop’s work is his exclusive use of real women who are hand-picked from the streets of New York.

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            seit Juli 2021                                  Galerie Usedomfotos Zinnowitz           

            November / Dezember 22         Alte Apotheke Berlin – Heinersdorf